We’re looking for several talented web developers and all-around graphic designers to produce award winning professional grade websites for local and national customers and viewers around the globe. We are always accepting resumes from talented candidates in the following areas:

  • Frontend web designers
  • Web developers (PHP/MySQL developers)
  • Graphic designers
  • iOS and Android developers
  • Copywriters
  • Public relations coordinators
  • Search Engine Optimizers
  • Account managers

Send us a copy of your resume and some sample projects for consideration. We will contact you back to acknowledge receipt of your application.

Web Designer / Developer (Frontend or Backend)

We’re looking for good all around developers to add value to our company. You should have a passion to help clients on a daily basis with requests to build out complete new projects to updating and maintaining past projects.


  • Write front-end code in PHP5, HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. Other technologies we use are: MySQL, Nginx, Memcached, Redis.
  • Write elegant code, from front-end design to backend organization.
  • Implement new features and optimize existing ones to UI and backend functionality.
  • Write backend server-side scripts that monitor services and keeps the site up and running.
  • Brainstorm and create new products and features.
  • Collaborate with a small and extraordinarily talented team of designers and backend engineers.
  • Have an understanding of how back-end systems work and plan accordingly.
  • Rapidly fix bugs and solve problems.
  • Pro-actively look for ways and features to make our services better.

Ideal Candidates Will Have

You should have a passion for creating elegant, responsive web interfaces that will be used by millions of people. Possessing the following achievements, skills and traits wouldn’t hurt either:

  • B.S. or higher in Computer Science, or equivalent knowledge.
  • Excellent programming skills in PHP and other web-centric languages.
  • Demonstrated work beyond the frontend and ability to integrate with an array of backend technologies and services.
  • A passion for beautiful, pragmatic code paired with a strong sense of product design.
  • Strong command of web standards, CSS-based design, cross-browser compatibility.
  • Phenomenal debugging abilities across all of the major browsers.
  • Good understanding of web technologies and familiarity with Unix/Linux.
  • Knowledgeable foundation in interaction design principles.
  • Smarts, humility, and equal willingness to learn and teach.

Sample Projects

We’d love to see your work, and if you’re passionate about coding or design, then we bet you have lots of things that you’ve done in your spare time. Along with your resume, we’d like you to send us some samples. They can be personal projects you’ve whipped up during a lunch break, or a full-fledged application that you’ve created from scratch. No matter what it is, feel free to stick it up on Github or email it along with your resume.

How to Apply

Contact us with your resume, cover letter, at least one sample project attached for consideration.