Step 1.) Free Consultation and Price Quote

Every website project starts with a basic, no-cost, no-obligation, consultation which helps us learn more about your project, your expectations and goals. The consultation aims at assisting both parties in developing a realistic marketing plan and outline of your project. We can advise you on different options to promote your website and ways to draw traffic to your website to maximize its effectiveness. We will help you determine what is right for your website project free of charge and will never sell you something you obviously don’t need.

Step 2.) Hire Us, Kick Off Meeting

After your review and approval of our price quote, we will schedule our first kick off meeting and schedule your project into production. Normally, the first kick off meeting consists of a phone conference to establish the first steps towards getting the ball rolling. Most projects are scheduled for immediate production after the kick off meeting. Based on your project requirements, we will determine a basic website outline and development plan.

Step 3.) Receive Design Mockups

The first phase of the project is the design phase which includes creating graphical mockups of the pages of your new website. We will send the digital mockups to you in JPEG format for your review. You may request revisions after reviewing the mockups, but most clients are happy at first sight. We understand we can’t please everyone on the first try, so we will work closely with you to get the revised mockups perfect. Once we have your approval on the design mockups, we will move into the development phase. Should the scope of the project change significantly during the design and/or development stages, we guarantee that you will not incur any additional costs without your approval first.

Step 4.) Development Phase

After you have reviewed your design mockups and signed off on them, we will move your project into the development phase where we will create a functioning version of your website. The development phase is where we will install, customize and setup the WordPress Content Management System, install custom functionality, and more fine tuning of the inner workings. You will be able to monitor the progress of your website in real-time on our private staging server.

Step 5.) Quality Assurance, Testing, Go Live.

The final steps of this process include going over the project with a fine tooth comb, reviewing and refining to perfection. We will test all functionality and complete quality assurance. Finally, with your approval, we will assist in setting up your new website so that is live to the public.

If changes to text copy, images, videos, documents, etc. are needed, we can develop a custom maintenance schedule for you where we will keep in contact with you on a regular basis and will help with any maintenance or updates needed. Our rates for website maintenance are affordable and allow your business to keep a fresh image. If your website was built with a WordPress Content Management System, we will provide training and support to you to make sure your website’s content is easily maintained.