1. One of the most highly reviewed and trusted web development companies in the region.

We are no stranger to Las Vegas. MJM Design has been building websites since 1997, making us one of the most experienced website development companies in Vegas. We are profitable, well capitalized, and debt free, with no desire to attract investors, go public, or be bought out. This allows us to focus on what really matters, making our customers happy by delivering top-notch websites and results. MJM Design is also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

2. Industry experience and exclusive services not available elsewhere.

Our exclusive suite of value added services includes, but is not limited to: 24/7 tech support, video conference enabled meetings, access to your project manager’s mobile phone, in-house graphic design team, Search Engine Optimization experience, unmatched web design project development. Our services are focused on speed, accuracy and ease of use for micromanaging every aspect of your website project efficiently.

3. Native English speaking Technical Support team.

We do not outsource any work outside of the United States. Members of our technical support team are native English speaking Americans based in the United States. They are highly trained IT professionals, technicians and even webmasters who have had real world experience in running their own web environments. Each client can communicate directly with our designers and developers, and get even the most complex issue resolved quickly and efficiently. Most issues are resolved within 5 to 20 minutes. This allows us to provide the highest level customer service and support in the region.

4. SEO experience light years beyond our competition.

We have been building websites before Google existed. We know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like the back of our hands and we can prove it with first page rankings in as little as two weeks. Search Engine Optimization is an art, not a science. We only use proven, white hat, legal and ethical SEO techniques to get your website ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing in as little time as possible.

5. Our Web Hosting servers and network reliability.

Our Apache servers deliver your web pages faster, resulting in download speeds of up to 80% to 90% faster, and a reduction in bandwidth usage by roughly the same margin. We also have the fastest loading control panel available today, Cpanel. Our servers are hosted in 3 separate data centers for maximum redundancy, each with multiple Gigabit fiber-optic connections to top tier 1 backbones. This results in consistent network uptime of greater than 99.999%.

6. Free software upgrades for all customers.

We perform regular software, hardware and security upgrades which are distributed throughout our entire network of servers at virtually the same time, providing the same level of service for all customers at all times.

7. Proprietary Spam filtering and prevention technology.

Our spam avoidance software along with our experience allows us to fill you in on the latest spam filtering techniques to help you fight spam efficiently. The advantage of our advanced anti-spam technology is that we can block new types of spam as fast or faster than as spammers can deploy them. Our software intercepts suspected spam email and delivers a one-time nightly report of all spam blocked that day.

8. User-friendly WordPress driven Content Management System.

Our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) solutions let you manage text copy, upload pictures, videos and documents and even make backups of your inventory databases in seconds, with no manual configuration, training, programming or HTML experience required. You can even view traffic statistics, create blog posts, manage customers, send newsletters, process online orders and more with CMS software.

9. True value for the money.

Our road to success is to make your website a successful extension of your business. We realize that if your website isn’t successful then we haven’t done our job. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make your website a profitable asset of your company and guaranteeing each client’s satisfaction.

10. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We stand behind our products and services 100%, offering an unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that guarantees we deliver a service second to none. We will never sell you something you don’t need!

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