Reasons Why WooCoomerce Suits Ecommerce Startups Best

Lots of Flexibility

One of the best advantages for ecommerce beginners to use WooCommerce is the fact that this platform allows them to be more flexible when it comes to their products – even if they are not technical people.

It can classify products, give them sale prices and own features, among others. In addition, WooCommerce stores are able to sell physical, allow downloads, as well as affiliate or external products.

Beyond Ecommerce

When users build their own online store, WooCommerce does not force them to go outside their comfort zone, yet it simultaneously opens more doors beyond ecommerce.

For instance, those who use WooCommerce can build a store that is fully functioning together with an incorporated blog within a professional website. The scope of a business’ online presence is managed in one place, and its dimensions seamlessly come together, which can be attributed to the WordPress based WooCommerce platform.

Familiar User Friendliness

Talking about WordPress, this extremely popular CMS supports more than 51% of the million leading websites that presently exist, and so we can say that a lot of ecommerce startups have been fortunate to use WordPress for similar or different online projects.

Since WooCoomerce is a WordPress plugin, those who have used the platform will have an advantage of using the user-friendly WordPress interface. In building an online store, being familiar with the interface could avoid confusion, and therefore save time while boosting creativity.

Professional but Simple

While WooCoomer is an ecommerce platform that is free and user-friendly, this does not mean that it is not a professional online store solution. In fact, it is just that.

The platform is incorporated with tools for detailed order tracking, as well as customer engagement. These tools let the merchants see past and open orders, apply discounts and update delivery statuses, to name a few. As a matter of fact, as part of WooCommerce website design, you get everything that a professional ecommerce setup needs right out of the box –  such as inventory management, tax settings, shipping options and coupon codes.

Analytics without the Complications

Their Analytics tool is the core tool that website owners use. Majority of ecommerce startups do not know how an analytics system is applied to a website, and that statistics require focused analysis. Luckily, WooCommerce has got these merchants covered.

The integrated analytics system enables a vast range of statistics to be very clear. Individual customer statistics, average order totals, total sales and sales by date and other figures are neatly presented by means of graphs without the need for users to leave their admin panel. It is that simple.

Room to Grow

WooCommerce is simply an ecommerce platform, which also lets you grow and expand when it comes to managing your store, customers and products. As an example, it is easy to modify templates whether users want to directly do so by means of the theme files or use several hooks and filters. Additionally, WooCommerse has a variety of APIs that can immediately be used to build extensions, alongside a comprehensive documention library to familiarize users on how WooCommerce thoroughly works.