5 Mistakes most eCommerce stores make on a regular basis

1. Not Adding Schema Markup For Local Stores

Covid-19 has changed the dynamics of the eCommerce industry, with more local stores using the internet and adopting digital marketing. For this reason, local SEO has become more critical for local stores that are searched by its customers.

In addition, one of the most common mistakes in SEO is to be inconsistent with the NAME, Address and Phone Number or NAP across platforms. Their address has to be unique and consistent so that Google would not get confused and could therefore could help when it comes to local citations as well as pass on local SEO ranking factors more efficiently.

2. Targeting High Competitive Keywords Early

When some people are just starting, they make the mistake of aiming for high competitive keywords for new websites. Way back then, when off-page SEO was very powerful, they could figure out their way around Google Algorithms and get rankings for the most competitive keywords.

However, at present, when a website is just new, it is nearly unimaginable to rank for the most highly searched keyword. Most Las Vegas SEO companies will sugges to use Ahrefs and other tools to check the keywords’ difficulty score and make a well informed decision at the same time as they target the right keywords.

3. Forgetting to Optimize Offers, Deals Sales and Pages for SEO

The eCommerce industry usually involves discount offers and seasonal sales. These marketing strategies can be seen on most eCommerce sites. Most often than not, though, marketers forget to optimize these web pages for SEO, which is easy to do.

Since sale pages have higher conversions, they draw audiences with their additional benefits. More often than not, they directly boost traffic on their website. The combination of top-sellig category keywords and focus keywords such as “Sale” or “Discount” increase the probability of conversion manifolds. Therefore, the business owner should remind the Las Vegas website designers to not forget this, and SEO optimize their sale or discount pages.

4. Homepage and Product Page Titles Have Multiple H1 Tags

Google already mentioned in the past that a website can have multiple H1 tags however, the Bing Webmaster tool considers this as an SEO mistake.
The H1 tag has to be unique on all pages. This is since multiple H1 tags look like a powerful way to target their main keywords. Now, if there is a duplication of H1/H2 on a particular page this on-page SEO error should be fixed.

5. Not Optimizing Meta Tags of Product Pages

Since product pages are designed to make a sale, optimizing these pages for SEO can result in increased conversions on their site. Nevertheless, optimizing all product pages can be a challenging for eCommerce sites. There is no way to go around it, though, since this is known to very important.

So, if people have a small business that sells 10 to 15 products, they should prioritize this. When it comes to medium to large scale stores, business owners should try their best to optimize the pages with the top-selling products to rank better on Google, as well as draw their target audience to their site.