What are the common steps when you create a new website?


To start with, open up your text editor and main browser then start typing. Keep on typing code till a page appears in the browser, which combines the planned structure in your wireframes and planned style in your style tiles. Continue until you are satisfied. Everything has got to do with iteration.

Throughout this process, you will keep on resizing the browser to view how the website appears on a variety of screen sizes. You will commit some typos, but later on, figure out things by means of trial and error as well as spend time returning to search for those typos.


The moment all the basic code is set, it is about time to test your site on different kinds of browsers earlier mentioned. This may result to more bug fixes.

To begin with, do not worry about the small inconsistencies among browsers. (When testing in Internet Explorer 8 or lower, do not worry about the big inconsistencies.) See to it that people can access all the information found on your website. Aim to ensure that people will see the products/services you are selling and take some kind of action in connection with what they see and read.

It is okay if other browsers display a number of pixel-for pixel differences. Such is life. What is most critical is making it work.


Are you prepared to display your website online? Choose a domain name (like mydomain.com) and web host (computer space that has continuous Internet connection). Upload your files, sit back and relax.

What to do After Launching your Site

Fix everything you disregarded.  Yes, these are the things you planned to fix before the launch. How could you forget that? This can happen to anyone. Post-launch bugs cannot be avoided. When you have a big site, there is a tendency to miss or forget something.

Ask Whenever You Need To

There are things that you still do not know about. You will keep on facing new challenges, issues, strategies and browser bugs. Spend some time asking the help of professionals when it comes to accomplishing things and research about them.

As mentioned over and over again, consider Google as your friend. Whenever you need answers, you need to search for specific words and phrases in relation to the technologies you want to know more about. Read a lot to get used to the lingo. This way, you can easily get help.

Get Feedback

To improve your site, know where you made a mistake. Though you can learn from time and experience, you can learn more from others. If you are just a newbie, my suggestion is for you to be a member of a community of web designers so you can get help in terms of feedback.

Redesign your Website

If your site looks outdated, maybe it is time to redesign it. Or else, you can opt to build a new one. No matter what the reason, use all your skills, knowledge and experience to redesign your website.

You should always invest money in your business image – including having a professional website. That’s why it’s advised to hire a Las Vegas website design company with experience in creating sites for your industry. If they also have a Las Vegas SEO department to prepare your On-Page SEO, that’s awesome.

Qualities you should look for in a web developer

Unlike in the past, we can easily and freely get our ideas across by means of the Internet and a Smartphone. However, before you can communicate your great ideas to the masses, you need to transform it from a written draft to a functioning website or mobile app.

Most of the time, this means you need the help of a great web/mobile developer. However, this can feel like a very daunting task if ever you have never searched for a good web/mobile developer in the past. A lot of people waste time and cash going through numerous developers to look for the one that suits them best. This is since, you and the developer do not agree on the kind of website you need, the total cost and the time it would take to finish.

Do not bother about the technical skills (which are a lot easy to validate). If the project you are working on is technologically advanced, interpersonal skills are equally important. The following qualities will let you make sure to find the partner you are searching, the web host that can give life to your idea with no time or money wasted.


Finding a great web/mobile developer is not like hiring some contractor to do the work you require. They end up being your partner. They use both their skills and tools to bring life to your idea and transform your great vision into reality. If you feel you cannot trust them, you will not feel at ease to work with them.

When there is no trust, it is most likely that you and the developer will not come in agreement with anything. You will probably keep on guessing the decisions or motivations of your developer. Going on further will be more difficult since the process becomes delayed due to lack of trust in your partner.

Passion for Work

People who are very passionate about their work are obviously excited and optimistic with it. Their enthusiasm is carried over into the way they interact with you. When your developer is not too eager to work with you, this attitude will show in their behavior and communication. If that is the case, it is better to find someone else.

Prior Experience(positive) Working with Customers

Even if some developers are good at creating remarkable, high-quality work, they are not as good at working with customers. They are not “for the people”. If your developer does not have any experience working with clients, that will be a problem. When your developer has worked previously with clients, he has a process and workflow on hand, which will makes you have a smoother experience. This could avoid possible problems that may take place during your project, letting you save time and cash. Ask for references when you are unsure about your developer’s ability to deliver your project.

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What are the Different Types of Web Designers?

Choosing a website designer is crucial, especially since a great website can draw more potential customers, while a poor site can drive them away. Below you will find some essential things to keep in mind when deciding on a website designer for your project.

What are the Different Types of Web Designers?

Website Designer

He helps you in determining the colors, graphics, navigation, text location and page layout of your site, as well as how pages will cross-link. He may do the graphic art work and computer programming for the site. If he could not do the latter, he could outsource the work to a programmer. A website designer is also called the project manager for your website design.

Website Programmer

He gets the design from the designer, then makes the code to let the site run. He is in charge of all the technical work that takes place behind the scenes to ensure that the website works as it should for the visitors.

Graphic Designer/Artist

He is responsible for choosing the site’s colors, graphics, illustrations, page layout and logo, among others. He is a “visual artist” who creates your site’s brand image.

Internet Marketing Consultant

He helps you determine the role of your website in your overall marketing strategy, and how it lets you draw more sales and traffic.

Here are some questions you can ask your prospects:

  • If you plan to maintain your site, ask them if they can design your site in such a way that a business owner like you can easily maintain it. Your site can be designed on a blog/CMS platform such as WordPress, which lets you edit the text and some graphics.
  • Your contract should include the fact that you are the owner of the copyright to the whole website (excluding stock photos, as well as graphics since the copyright to stock images is owned by the original artist/photographer). You should own all content, the graphics custom created for you as well as the coding work.
  • Make sure you are the owner of your domain name, even though it was registered for you by the website designer.
  • Request your designer to give the original source files you can edit. You need to make sure that you can edit your website (or ask another designer to edit your site) without difficulty.
  • It is important to have a good working relationship with them. Do they have a good disposition? Do you enjoy talking to them? Do they remain focused on their tasks or do they roam around and waste time? Do you get along well in terms of personality and values? Do they provide you with valuable insights and advice on your website design?

Your website can make or break your business. Interviewing potential website designers extensively will give you a better chance of choosing the best one to do the work you need, who will listen to you and create the website that represents you and your brand, as well as follow your budget and time frame.

As you can see, choosing a team of web designers and graphic designers Vegas is an important process that needs to be done with care. Please get in touch with our graphic design Vegas team and let us know more about your project and expectations!