5 Internet Marketing Tips Using Little or No Money

Starting your own online business can provide you the path to financial freedom. However, most people start with a limited budget and do not fully understand all the marketing techniques that are available. Fortunately, the internet does not operate like traditional sources, such as newspaper, TV or radio advertising where lots of money is needed to make an impact.

On the internet, there are several ways you can effectively market your business without having to spend much in the way of money. In fact, some of the most effective techniques require very little, if any money to start. Still, you will need to budget your funds and spend them appropriately if you want your online business to succeed.

What follows are 5 effective internet marketing tips that use very little to no money which can find you the customers needed to grow your business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) costs relatively little compared to its potential return on the investment. SEO can be done by anyone if they spend a little time learning the skills and basics. Essentially, SEO is the process of creating targeted content that emphasizes on search queries that a potential customer might type into a search engines. These search queries are commonly called “keywords”. Incorporation of targeted keywords can help lead to search results pages in which the targeted content is prominently displayed. Typically, the more relevant, reliable and authoritative the content, the higher in the search engine rankings the content will appear.


Effective branding begins with a good logo, motto and reaching out to the community at large. You’ll want to build your marketing efforts around your business that improves who you are while selling products. What branding really does is set your business apart from the rest. This form of identification helps potential customers identify who you are more readily.

Blog and Guest Blog

Blogs are still highly popular and cost next to nothing in terms of their use. Still, not enough people utilize the full effect of their own blogs. Plus, you can also gain a great deal of marketing traction by writing for other blogs as well. Being a guest blogger opens up your business to new potential customers. Just be sure to write good, engaging content that gets readers to respond in a positive way.

Social Media

This is where most online businesses fall down in their marketing efforts. Being active and most importantly, interactive on social media builds up your business without having to spend a dime. You can do a great deal of promotion, but the real way that social media works is by staying in contact with customers and potential customers. Furthermore, strategies such as viral video marketing are tailor-made for social media and can greatly expand your business.

Viral Videos

Have you ever seen a silly video on YouTube that got a ridiculous number of views? There is no question that videos have exploded in terms of marketing in the past five years and many of the most successful were shot under natural light with a smartphone or tablet camera. You can employ viral video marketing as well by creating short, funny videos that promote your business. All it takes is one that your customers share on social media for your business to explode.

All of these tips cost very little money, but can provide you with a powerful marketing platform for your business when done right.